Tuesday, April 3, 2012

LED - Current Trend

In recent years, China\\ s LED industry is developing rapidly, forming a complete LED industrial chain system in support of national policy and downstream applications, driven by demand. The LED industry chain, including upstream of the substrate, epitaxial wafers and chips, package of midstream and downstream of the lighting, display backlighting and other applications. From the industrial chain, LED lighting has gone beyond the backlight LED market, the fastest growing application market. Following a brief introduction to the future development trend of LED lighting:

A luminous efficiency of continuous improvement and product quality is improving steadily

The luminous efficiency is improved steadily by an average of 15% is expected to reach more than 200lm / W, is estimated to reach from 200lm to / W white LED will be the past two or three years available. View, although the 2011 penetration rate of only 6.6% of the overall LED lighting market, but the future growth potential. Countries in the development of LED lighting have introduced policies and preferential measures, of which 2015, Japan plans to LED accounted for the general lighting market will reach 50% and 30% in South Korea, mainland China for 20 percent, up above the 2015 target, this few years will be up to the first phase of work; In addition, LED technology continues to progress, the U.S. DOE set a target point of view, the 2014 white LED components luminous efficiency will reach 200 lm / W, and the price will drop to about $ 2 / klm manufacturers process will exceed the above values.

Second, lower manufacturing costs and sales prices down

The price of the LED will be an average annual rate of 30% or higher rate of decline. By then, the LED lighting into millions of households will fall into place. With the enhancement of the LED chip, LED luminous efficiency is increased, the single LED chip, the cost continues to drop. Upstream investment-driven large-scale production can release lead to strong market competition will drive chip prices fell, which effectively promote the decline in the cost of LED lighting products. Mainstream LED lighting products, cost structure in light beads cost accounting for about 40%, the drive power of 30%, 20% mechanical / thermal material, and the remaining costs about 10%. Seen the cost of lamp beads, the drive power, and mechanical / thermal material costs basically about 90% of the total cost is the main factor affecting the cost of LED lighting products. Further under the price of upstream raw material prices in the future, LED lighting products is expected to accelerate an alternative to the traditional incandescent lamp, energy saving lighting products.

, High voltage LED will become the future is an important direction

High-voltage LEDs (HV LEDs) has two advantages, one effectively reduces the cost and weight of the LED lighting to significantly reduce the cooling system design requirements, which will solve the lighting market, the biggest technical obstacle. VF voltage, current conditions in the IF completely subvert the traditional low-voltage (LV LED) LED VF low voltage, the IF current requirements. LED lighting due to the HV LEDs SOP may reduce the shape of the heating, lighting structure may tend to be more to save cooling materials, greater than 270 degrees light-emitting, low-cost, light weight. And the high-voltage LED chip group of high-voltage, low current, compared with the general low voltage LED low voltage, high current working environment, HVLEDs work fever was significantly reduced; HVLEDs only need high-voltage constant-current source can be a good , the high-voltage constant-current power transformer, electrolytic capacitor to solve the problem of low-voltage LED driver power supply and electrolytic capacitor life.

Fourth, the COB packaging technology has matured

COB packaging have three advantages: low cost, diversification of application convenience and design. COB packaging Bulb currently occupy about 40% of the LED bulb market, Japan and many domestic enterprises have begun to take the COB package mode. Cost and application point of view, the COB has become the mainstream of the future of lighting design. COB packaging of the LED module is installed in the floor pieces of LED chips, the use of many pieces of the chip can not only improve the brightness, and also help to achieve a reasonable configuration of the LED chip, reduce the amount of current of the input of a single LED chip to ensure high efficiency. And this surface light source can greatly expand the package heat dissipation area, so that the heat is more easy to transfer to the shell. Cost lighting applications with traditional COB light source module can save the cost of the device package, the light engine module production costs and the cost of secondary light distribution. Lighting system in the same function, in general can reduce about 30% of the cost of great significance for the promotion of semiconductor lighting applications. In performance, through reasonable to design and mold making microlens, the COB light source module can effectively avoid the discrete light source device combination existence of points of light, glare and other drawbacks also can be through by adding the appropriate red chip combination in does not reduce the light source efficiency and life under the premise of effectively improve the color rendering (now can do 90 or more). In the application, the COB light source module can make installation of the lighting plant production simpler and more convenient. In production, the existing technology and equipment to support large-scale manufacturing of the high yield of COB light source module. With the expansion of the LED lighting market, lighting demand in the rapidly growing, we can according to the needs of different lighting applications, and gradually formed the mainstream product of the series COB light source module, so that large-scale production.

, LED driver power trends

A downstream product development to the interior lighting industry will be gradually broken down. Such as home lighting, hotel lighting, jewelry, lighting, clothing, lighting, advertising lighting, the industry breakdown of the benefits is to make products more fit practical applications, and highlights the advantages of LEDs in various types of lighting.

2.LED lumens of lighting chip technology to improve the product power requirements reduced.

3.LED drive power gradually to the development of modular, intelligent aspects.

Market from the current domestic-oriented, gradually turning into an international-based.

Six, quick start of the indoor lighting market and development

Morphology and function of the current LED indoor lighting products did not jump out of thinking and patterns of traditional lighting products. A single product, is still to replace the incandescent bulb light and alternative LED fluorescent tube lamp-based. LED light source is different from the traditional, has a small size, fast response characteristics, but also the spectral composition of the discontinuous, single light flux is not high. Interior lighting design, LED and conventional light sources should be mutually reinforcing, complementary advantages, rather than substitutes for one another, who leather whose life relationship. Therefore, the LED of the \"intrinsic\" characteristics of quality decided to external \"form, should not be an alternative form of traditional light sources. LED interior lighting will highlight the three major characteristics:

An intelligent lighting control: the use of intelligent control based on environmental changes, the objective requirements of the user pre-demand conditions while automatically collecting all kinds of information in the lighting system, and the collection of information corresponding to the logical analysis, reasoning, judgment and analysis required in the form of storage, display, transmission, the corresponding state feedback control, in order to achieve the desired results. LED control is flexible, fast response, compact, powerful combination of features and intelligent control system to reflect the characteristics of LED.

(2) a variety of functional lighting: lighting environment and engaged in activities closely related to the lighting to meet the needs of people of different visual functions. For example, in the home life, the party need a bright light; to appreciate classical music or light music, soft lighting. Natural light from morning, noon, evening different color temperature on the people\\ s physical, psychological have a great impact.

Building integrated lighting: lighting products and building materials together, making part of the building into part of the lighting. The lighting in the building integration is buried, embedded in the inside of the building to hide the light source or lighting installation, make full use of the surface reflectance or transmittance of the building, showing the building shape, color. This way not only to hide the lighting pipeline or equipment, piping, but also enable the architectural lighting as an integral part of the whole interior design decoration, the effect of a complete and unified interior space.

7, modular is the way to

At present, many types of domestic LED products with different properties, poor interchangeability, which restricted the healthy development of semiconductor lighting industry, LED industry to normalized serialization, standardization development, improve the overall competitiveness of the LED lighting industry, which became LED business first solve the problem. To this end, the semiconductor lighting industry innovation center in Guangdong Province began construction of the project of standard optical components, domestic 100LED enterprises to participate. What is the meaning of the standard optical components of the project: First of all, any industry or industries to seize the standard-setting to seize the commanding heights of industry development can be the dominant industry chain development, reap the maximum benefit of the industrial chain; Second, the standard optical components standard strategy to try will make Guangdong Province Semiconductor will enable Guangdong Province, stand out in the new round of industrial competition in the semiconductor lighting industry, to seize market opportunities, standard with the standard optical components such as national and international standards to promote and expand the lighting companies of market and technical capacity of an unprecedented double. In the next 10 years, to create a number of one hundred billion \"Philips lighting companies to achieve the goal of\" Thirteen five trillion semiconductor lighting industrial scale.


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