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LED lights and started the outbreak of the main lighting market opportunities

EU and other countries are announced the installation of a new car daytime running lights, and the complete ban, the cut-off incandescent Act, together with the safety certification standards are ready, LED lights up and the main lighting needs. Market opportunities for the catching, LED components, LED driver IC and system manufacturers have resorted to a complete program to step up to eating this great opportunity.

EU norms in all vehicles by 2012 new cars be fitted with dedicated daytime running lights (DRL), to ensure safer driving. In addition, including the European Union, the United Kingdom, Japan, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, the United States, Argentina and other countries has been officially announced, no later than 2014 will completely ban the incandescent lamp with a cut-off. In the national policy to promote, the light-emitting diode (LED) daytime running lamps and lighting applications is becoming the main light source and the following street lighting market, LED manufacturers full layout of the business focus.

National policy to accelerate LED lights / lighting universal primary

To make driving safer, the EU took the lead on September 24, 2008 notice requirement since the beginning of February 2011, all cars and small trucks with new models equipped with daytime running lights are required; and other goods vehicles, buses since 2012. from August 7 to be equipped with daytime running lights. In addition to the EU, other countries are starting to regulate all types of vehicles started the car to be fitted with daytime running lights, now nearly the only Canadian regulations allow light to replace daytime running lights.

Experts point out that, due to daytime running lights must be in the vehicles to maintain the brightness, the traditional DRL power consumption for the headlights for 25 to 30%, so with low power consumption and long life advantages of LED light source to be a vendor research and development trend, the use of LED daytime running lights headlights to be only 10% of electricity consumption. Consider traffic safety and energy demand trends, the development of LED daytime running lights will be imperative, a LED lamp manufacturers to expand new market opportunities.

Today, car manufacturers Audi (Audi) promote LED daytime running lights of the most active, its A8, R8 and A4 series have switched with LED daytime running lights, A8 Philips (Philips) Lumileds of LuxeonEmittor as daytime running light source; R8 and A4 are selected Osram Opto Semiconductors (OsramOptoSemiconductor)) of AdvancedPowerTopLED and GoldenDRAGONLED; even expected in 2010′s third-generation A8 will the full import of LED daytime running lights. In addition, many car manufacturers have been the first half of this year’s new models are also equipped with LED daytime running lights, such as the Mercedes-Benz (Benz) and so on.

In fact, in addition to daytime running lights outside, LED has been widely used in interior lighting, including the instrument panel, backlit buttons, sunroof, head-up display and so on. Osram Opto Semiconductors, said the car on-demand color selection (ColoronDemand) feature allows car manufacturers to use the company’s unique identifying color, creativity and diversity of competitors, or in different series using different colors to be distinguished.

In addition, LED lights for use outside the proportion has continued to rise, such as the 2008 Cadillac (Cadilac) Escalade First, the use of LED headlamps. Philips Lumileds said that the listing of Lexus (Lexus) LS600h and the Audi R8 have been mounted LED headlights, which use the Lexus that is Philips Lumileds and Nichia (Nichia) high power LED. As for the third LED brake light, taillights, turn signals, side lights, dipped beam and high beam and so demand is also growing. LED is also frequently used in the car section of the taillights, in addition to considering the small size, temperature stability and long life characteristics, another advantage for the fast response, the driver can depress the brake plate moment on. For example, Nissan (Nissan) Tiana after the lights and Chrysler (Chrysler) third brake lights, turn signals and lamps have switched after the use of LED light sources.

Even LED brake lights, turn signals and other signals technologies has matured, but the LED headlights, front fog lamps and other lighting types not yet universal, and then benefit from the national DRL Act enacted, LED daytime running lights has become a hot lamp applications .

On the other hand, in order to comply with energy saving trend, countries from 2009 onwards to stop production, to ban incandescent bulbs, especially the EU countries will start in September this year, prohibit the sale of 100-watt conventional light bulb, 2012, a total ban all traditional light bulbs, for the earliest implementation of the area.

According to market LEDinside forecasts, as governments have been released to ban incandescent schedule, the overall global effect of lighting products will be updated gradually from 2010 to 2012 the fermentation, to 2012, LED lighting compound annual growth rate of 33%. The progressive upgrading of the LED luminous efficiency and lower costs, the future of LED lighting will be cut into the interior lighting.

In energy policy, fueled by governments, is bound to drive LED daytime running lights and the main lighting market demand for the early to ensure product performance, reliability and security, the European Union, the North American government agencies with the responsibility to verify the safety, has been for the lights and the main set lighting set standards and safety-related certification.

Standards / Safety verify the development of intense LED lights / bright primary lighting business

European Union for the LED daytime running lights and headlights were worked out ECER112, ECER87 norms, experts said, LED lights and verify the different traditional lights, LED light source lit illumination will gradually increase, as stable, the EU provides LED light source required to achieve the most minute light illumination requirements, and in light stable period of 30 minutes after the illumination, that in the light and 1 minute after 30 minutes, the brightness values ​​to different types of lights on the lower limit of the , such as the daytime running lights, the lower limit of the individual to 1,200 cd and 400cd; According to the EU LED turn signals regulate ECER6 provides upper and lower limit is 1,000 cd and 175cd; The LED position lights ECER7, the lower limit was 17cd, 4cd. In addition, he added said, using gradually increasing the proportion of LED headlights and taillights, brake lights no longer light up the same, so does not require a long period of steady illumination, the lights validation exception.
Moreover, the concern is, by all UK insurance companies jointly called for Thatcham Union, accompanied by German Rhine requirements established for claims of non-mandatory EMC verification services, mainly to adapt its LED lights the need for additional battery-loop system for to protect the safety of the driver in the car, thus requiring the vehicle to carry out electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) verification, to confirm the vehicle’s electrical system are up to any officially sanctioned the EMC specifications. Any vehicle within the new electronic products must be verified through EMC, the market for after-loading (AM) with greater impact, the Alliance and look forward to expanding this service to Europe. In addition, Thatcham verify that the project will also include after-loading the product meets the original product’s specifications, including functional and assembly of.

Representation of the current major customers for the Osram lamp, Philips, Valeo, Narva, etc., but the poor status of the automobile market to verify the order also followed shrink, as domestic demand is not received verification lights, but with the LED lights are more popular, the domestic automobile manufacturers to use LED lights will greatly enhance the proportion of the existing more than half the proportion of vehicles equipped with LED brake lights, turn signals, etc., so the domestic automobile manufacturers demand more verification LED lights.

The main lighting and LED lights verify the project very different, most of the time, lights and a lower chance of human contact, so no need electrical safety requirements; the other hand, LED lighting is the main there is a demand. In addition, LED lights only need to verify the system; rules, however, verify the LED lighting project covers Ming LED components and systems.

Different LED lighting different safety requirements, in addition to lighting equipment for the European and American safety standards are not the same, the main difference is that the voltage (230 volts in Europe, North America, 120 volts), the standards for safety and for different structural differences .

LED lighting project for the main electrical safety verification testing, optical properties, EMC safety testing and the EU Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) / Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) directive compliance testing. Li Zhiming proposed validation prices vary in different lighting, to effectively reduce the validation costs, manufacturers have to find the components meet the safety conditions.

Compared to the German Rhine, the North American market, LED lighting is more active Ming regulation verify the UL, in addition to LED lighting, but also specifically for LED components to develop draft safety verification ULSubject8750. ULSubject8750 for LED components include verification of safety light module, control circuit and power supply.

UL said that as traditional lamps Certification previously not taken into account characteristics of LED components, so ULSubject8750 reinforcement system used in conventional LED lighting systems the lack of safety standards, and applies to all LED lighting safety verification.

The LED lights verify program covers safety abnormal test, electrical specifications and mechanical strength, so in addition to the basic test of all lamps, such as temperature, abnormal test and insulation properties, consider the LED is the semiconductor components, with quite different characteristics of the traditional disparity between the light source Therefore the Special Programme abnormal test items, and mechanical strength, mainly for the structure of the review and confirmation switch, power cord specifications meet lighting requirements, and related electrical spacing is caused by short circuit, to avoid short circuit, open circuit or back to the passing load conditions.

However, while in government policy and verification under escort, LED lights and the main lighting after strong potential, but compared with backlight and street lighting, automotive lighting applications with the main design requirements are more stringent, especially for headlights and interior when the main light source, LED heat, light-emitting efficiency and reliability are facing great challenges. Therefore, the two major potential inroads into this market, LED manufacturers have been gradually developed a higher luminous efficiency of LED with new cooling, packaging technology, to accelerate the market forming.


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