Friday, July 22, 2011

Led-World Exclusive Comparison - LED TV vs LCD TV

When buying a TV, you might ask what is the best view, an LED or LCD TV. LED TV With the increasingly widespread, it is important to know what could be better to buy a TV LED.

When it comes to buying new TVs, the only time you should now have an LCD TV is that if you are buying a TV with a budget or can not find a TV LED on the size you need. Other TV shows are much cheaper LED TVs, but the price difference is down and soon find TVs LED to be so cheap.

Price aside, televisions LEDs have many advantages over LCD. They have a much better contrast ratio and black levels, better color accuracy, and power consumption. The only thing is to wait and see how long you can last TV LED compared to LCD TVs. This can not be determined yet because the LEDs are new televisions.

The contrast ratio of reason and black levels are much better on these sets because they use technology that can control and adjust the backlight. LCD TVs, the screen is to block the light turning the glass LCD. This ends up causing the television to have a contrast ratio of just less darkening.

When it comes to producing better color accuracy, LED backlit color TV dominates other TV. Color backlight allows the TV to produce very realistic colors. However, some TVs use white LED backlight, which is not much of an improvement in LCD televisions.

TV LEDs also have a better viewing angle. This is very important as you can watch TV in a wider angle. Most TVs have suffered a lot when it comes to viewing angles. Usually does not work so well when you go beyond 30 degrees off center. However, LED TV viewing angles are fantastic, and are almost as good as plasma TVs.

Energy consumption is very important because you can save money in the long term. TV LEDs have a slight improvement over LCD TVs when it comes to energy consumption, and near the power consumption of plasma TVs. However, this improvement in energy consumption is only true for edge-lit TVs, rather than local regulations LED TV.

When it comes to buying the TV, it is advisable to get a TV LED, since it seems to have many advantages over most LCD rivals. With advantages such as energy consumption, better viewing angles, contrast ratio and color accuracy, you can not go wrong with a TV LED