Thursday, March 10, 2011

Led-World Exclusive - Top 6 Most Expensive MotorBikes in World

Motorcycles have been one of the most favorite and commonly used modes of transport for the general public for around 150 years now. It was in the 1860s that the first motorcycle was designed by Sylvester Howard Roper who was an American.

Since then the two-wheeler has seen tremendous changes. They are trendier, sleeker, fastest and most expensive. Here, we present you with a list of world’s most expensive bikes. Just have a look – “Starting from most expensive on the planet”

Dodge Tomahawk V10 Superbike

Cost – $555,000 (24969405 INR)

This is probably the only two-wheeler which has four wheels. The bike is regarded as an ‘automotive sculpture’ but yet street illegal in the United States. A superbike in the real sense, the bike has 8.3 liter engine, which is equivalent to 505 cubic inch. The bike is equipped with as many as 10 cylinders. It takes just around 2.5 seconds to reach the 60 mph mark and can be driven at a maximum speed of 400 mph.

Ecosse Titanium Series RR Limited Edition

Cost - $275,000 (12372228 INR)

This limited edition bike is limited in the real sense. Only 10 units of the bike are manufactured. As the name suggests – limited edition, is a powerhouse when it comes to the capacity of the engine and the speed it generates. Sheer imagination is enough when you know that the bike has a 2150 cc engine with more than 200 hp. The bike has a watch, manufactured by French watchmakers BRM, which is made exclusively for this bike only.

Macchia Nera Concept Bike

Cost – $201,000 (9042974 INR)

The Macchia Nera concept bike happens to be one of the best bikes in this segment. The bike sports an engine that is loosely built around the Ducati 998RS engine. A side view of the bike will show you the structure of the bike. The engine is visible along with the detailed molding and the engine components.

However, the unique thing about the bike is that in spite of such a heavy built, it is extremely light – as far as the category in which it is built is concerned.

Icon Sheene

Cost – $160,000 (7198387 INR)

Icon Sheene was produced exclusively in the memory of Andrew Morris, who was one of the most successful British Grand Prix motorcycle champion. When he passed away, he was 52 years old. That is why only 52 of such bikes were produced. The bike has a 250 hp engine and has a whopping 1400 cc engine – nothing more than a flying experience.

The thing worth mentioning about this bike is that, in spite of being such a heavy bike, the Icon Sheene has only a couple of spokes in the wheels. Sounds strange and happening, but that is the fact.

MTT Turbine Super Bike

Cost – $150,000 (6748488 INR)

The second last bike in the series is the MTT Turbine Super Bike. MTT Turbine Super Bike aka Y2K Turbine Super Bike is not in the list for nothing. This bike is a combination of both most expensive and super fast bike. The bike also holds the Guinness World Record for being the most powerful motorcycle which has entered a series of production.

The engine has a power of more than 300 horse power. The unique thing about this bike is that it is loaded with various gadgets. It has a camera mounted on the rear, it has a LCD color display, it has a radar detector, a one touch ‘Smart Start’ among others gadgets.

MV-Augusta F4CC

Cost – $120,000 (5398790 INR)

The MV-Augusta F4CC was designed and created by Claudio Castiglioni, who was MV’s director. Certainly, this bike took birth through passion for having a bike that would not only be eye-catching but would also serve the purpose of the consumers of owning something different and unique.

The MV-Augusta F4CC can be driven at a maximum speed of 315 kmph which is around 195 mph. This tremendous speed can be achieved curtsey the 1078 cc powerful engine. It is also featured with 198 hp power generation. The model number of each bike is shown near the steering column.


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