Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Led-World Exclusive - Audi A6 will soon flaunt all LED headlamps

Nowadays one can see many cars fitted with those LED lights, but do any of you know who the pioneer of those cute yet smart headlamps was? So for your information, it was Audi, who basically started these LED headlamps with the launch of its all new (at that time) Audi R8. Anyways, now it seems that Audi is trying to get it even better with the Audi A6. Audi is trying to improvise on the same for its much praised Audi A6. Till now, car manufacturers use both LED with Xenon headlamps. So, it will be the first time when a sedan especially will flaunt an all LED headlamp cluster. Later on even the Audi A8 and Audi A7 will also join the club. Besides this, all LED headlamps, this car will still be offered with Bi-Xenon and Halogen headlamps also.

There are numerous reasons to choose a full LED headlamp over the normal Bi-Xenon or Halogen headlamps. Say for example these ultra powerful LEDs produce a strong white beam exactly like a day light but only consume not more than 4watts of energy. Because of the four one chip, five two chips LEDs the energy consumption is really low. These new headlights in the Audi A6 will also have an added feature which is high beam assistant and special adaptive light control. Wondering what’s that? It is one of the features that will make you drool for it for sure. These headlamps are directly connected to a camera facing forward which will continuously send signals to the headlamps about any change recorded in the ambient light. I guess you know what this headlamp will do. Yes, it will perform accordingly. So, it seems that Audi is really making head turns with its new inventions.