Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Future development trend of LED in car light

After the developing stage that LED car head-light is shown in technology proving, concept car that is gone through in recent years,etc., welcomed the expected prospect of entering the market of producing car of applying to amount at last, there are three its significant incident: Will Ling of Toyota LS600h in the world first to adopt, shine the listing bus of the light source in front of the LED, but it has employed LED only on the low beam light, the long-range light source is still a halogenic light. The Audi R8 regards the whole LED head-light as its main characteristic, LED adopted in and the car illumination is offering by Lumileds and Osram Company. Cadillac EscaladePlatinum platinum edition multi-functional sport car, it is first multi-functional sport cars which adopt LED head-light.

Hinder LED light source from opening up the unfavourable factor of the automobile-used market rapidly

Does the above-mentioned milestone incident mean LED head-light will set up horses and become innovative technology which will decide the automobile-used light source field? According to the estimation by experts: Perhaps can not. The cost that it is LED can drop continuously according to the prediction speed of one Mole of laws, it is low to can reach with HID for it to want ‘ The high strength discharges The equal price that the xenon lamp is equal to has been still needed for many years too; And it can be comparable to halogenic light if the cost of LED family should be dropped to, need to pass a period of longer time course.

Draw according to Hella sea Fischer, president of company, claim automobile-used scale of LED account for their light source the intersection of market and a few percent little share only at present, so to the type in enormous quantities correctly ‘ Style such as GM / Chevrolet Malibu fund of one Complete network supply utmost point interested in. But LED wants to reach to the stock level of Malibu style so in enormous quantities, still needs to overcome a series of technology and cost difficult problem, have course in ten years that will go at least.

Big the open paces that point out, LED enters the market are really a little slower than the ones that originally expected generation, we had predicted in 2004: LED the intersection of car and lantern fair blowout enters the market, and eliminate HID soon. Obviously, present situation to so, can expect the intersection of LED and technology fast a bit than reality gradual progress. It seems it is not the only factor of hindering LED from appearing on the market that the cost is high, still a challenge difficult problem of technical feature needs solving.

For example, in terms of single light source, the illumination intensity of LED still shows insufficiently. And can not reach followingly and satisfactorily and calculate only: It contributes to narrowing taking up the space and easy to be flexible to fix up of the car lamps and lanterns to cut down and form number of LED light source which makes the lamps and lanterns up, and can simplify and light systematic wiring and install and reduce the production cost.

The major state that LED supplies the chain is at present: It is bright Osram to draw LED light source component which supplies the common Cadillac Escalade style in the sea to the department of Europe Purchase; And small Zhyuan’s car light Koito LED last light source of the Companies products, be lasted LS600h style in Toyota and then; The intersection of Philip and Lumileds give AL the intersection of LED and the intersection of light source and supply ‘ The car lights The company, is and then disposed the car light system for the Audi R8 by the latter.

According to American-European manager of business department of Koito, they will not limit the kind of the light source and purchase the manufacturer for being firm and oneself rowing, no matter at whom does it produce in ‘ Philip, Ou department are bright, or Toyota Gosei Can all buy. Obviously, the flexibility that the first class suppliers who light the systematic part attempt to keep oneself purchasing the light source components and parts, want to observe it: Which device products technology of the manufacturer can progress fastest, the cost performance is highest.

LED criticize for the photoelectricity of the goods to change nowadays ‘ The light energy density The index reaches 80 lumen per watt ‘ 80lm/W The above, but HID light is 90lm/W, the halogenic light is 201m/W. According to another draw in the sea and notify: The latest LED researches and develops this index already up to 161lm/W of the prototype. Draw in the sea and also predict: During 3-5 years in the future, LED luminous intensity of releasing from the same consumption chip will be promoted by 50%. This not only means LED lamps and lanterns will be more bright but also reflect the cutting down of its energy consumption, thus improve the fuel economy of the completed car.

It is estimated, mileage that the ones that replace mpg per gallon of fuel that the halogenic lamps and lanterns can promote the completed car with LED go About 0.25 indexes. And when going to Europe to turn on the regulation of going of the light in the daytime, expand promoting value of this mpg to 0.5. Ling Zhi’s style manager points out, there will be very great contribution to employ LED lamps and lanterns economic improvement to fuel of completed car.

But strong the intersection of density and high LED want, give out more heat too only, and compactness of lamps and lanterns fix up, make the area suitable for dispelling the heat trend towards lightly again. It is much fewer than halogenic light or HID lamps and lanterns that the ones that belong to low energy consumption LED device of the semi-conductive classification truly generate heat, but the majority of the latter’s heat is turned into not including the lamps and lanterns device, and LED although low power dissipation grow hot to want, seal, come on, conduct inside small silicon chip heat while being little.

The hot management of LED is a great difficult problem

Even smaller heat will concentrate to go up to the chip size device conducted and dispersed, because the heat capacity of the device is small will cause the rising suddenly of LED temperature. The working temperature of LED must keep in 150 ranges of under ℃. A kind of solution to this heat-dissipating problem is: Use the intersection of number and more LED give out light component in one lamps and lanterns, let the single caloric value of one be relatively little, it makes it apt to dispel the heat to and then fix up them in the larger space. Tactics adopted at being small the intersection of Zhyuan and car light for will LS600h related head-light Ling of Toyota this.

Cadillac EscaladePlatinum each head-light is formed by 7 LED fluorescent lamps, 5 among them are used in light beam of short range, another 2 are regarded as the long-range light source. They all have their own active heat-dissipating devices –Cool the fan ‘ Similar to disposing the small fan in the desk-top computer .

Draw and claim, it is a design field especially bothered about and troubled by them that heat is managed according to the sea, lay particular emphasis on relying on the fictitious artificial means to assess optimizing in the scheme is chosen, and is imitating tools ‘ Artificial software package If you can’t select to use, pass by textual criticism of experimental datas enough. Point out he,for heat last heat-conduction challenge of problem of management not merely,can with the aid of ” The hot pool ” The device gets the heat that LED component produces out, and will solve and ventilate the problem, let heat distribute out of lamps and lanterns device. If it is not obviously enough to only depend on natural ventilation, so draw the decision and add the built-in fan for the lamps and lanterns in the sea