Tuesday, May 5, 2009

How To Find the Best Outdoor Lighting Idea

Outdoor lighting is great for security reasons. There are some homeowners that use outdoor lighting for aesthetic reasons. Here are some great ideas for excellent outdoor lighting:
- How do you start? It is a fact that there are thousands of different outdoor fixture designs and styles. This can make it even more difficult for you to come up with a great outdoor lighting idea. The best thing to do is to first of all know exactly what you want out of your outdoor lighting. Is it something that you just wish to have for security reasons or do you want your lights to highlight and accent your outdoor property? Do you have a specific theme to your
home and outdoor area? Your answers to these questions are crucial in determining the best outdoor lighting idea for you.
- If you are intent on making a grand show of your outdoor property and lighting, then you probably cannot do things on your own. Consider getting the professional opinion and help of a lighting consultant, landscaper and a licensed electrician. An electrician in particular may not be able to add an aesthetic outdoor lighting idea but he can make sure that your fixtures and wiring are compliant with government electrical codes.
- Rather than installing outdoor lighting after your entire home structure and landscape are done, it would make sense to try to incorporate outdoor lighting plans with your entire residential plan while you are still about to build your home or while construction is going on. This can help determine the proper placement of not just electrical receptacles but pipes and wires as well.
- Make an assessment of your property before you decide on any lighting plan. Aside from a possible theme, you should also look for the focal point or points of your property. What exactly do you want people to notice first when they enter. Is it the large tree in your yard, a pool, a statue, a fountain, a walkway or an entrance arch? Once you have determined this, you can pick the right outdoor lighting idea.
- Mix elements. You shouldn’t have just one kind of lighting for your outdoor property. Different areas require different kinds of lighting. Arches and entrances for example would look wonderful in uplights while statues would look better with downlights as would pathways, driveways and walkways. Patios and decks on the other hand would look wonderful with well designed lamps, lanterns, scones, table lighting and floor recessed lighting.
- One thing that you should never forget about your residential outdoor lighting idea is that you should be able to achieve a toned down and soothing effect. In other words, direct glaring lights should be removed. Select lighting with soft or natural glow.
- Consider using portable and movable fixtures. This will allow you some flexibility when it comes to choosing lights for specific events or seasons. You may for example temporarily replace your lawn lamps with tiki torches if you are in the mood for a tropical themed gathering. You can easily do the replacement without necessarily removing your present wiring or socket placement.


Cierra said...

Those are really excellent ideas to install outdoor lighting!! It is an important of any home!! Thanks for sharing!!

Dieleuchtentina said...

Beautiful lighting accents and now the Advent season beautiful to watch.