Sunday, October 12, 2008

Dream Rainbow - LED

LED Revolution -
Ever wanted to touch the rainbows? Here is how. Get yourself the Rainbow Generator Night Light, which practically and literally brings the rainbow to your very own bedroom. This rainbow may help you sleep better at night and in fact take you to a distant world in your dreams where none could go, and could very well be your own Shangri-la. This smart lighting technology helps the rainbow be reflected onto your ceiling thanks to the 5-mirrored LEDs of varying colors.

The lamp itself comes in a colorful and elegant design; the resulting rainbow light just complements its source. This would totally change the way your room looks. The Rainbow Generator Night Light costs $60 and is worth every penny you spend. If you still are thinking about the price, you could think about the great sleep this soothing light can induce in you. A night well slept is more precious than anything else in this world.