Monday, October 13, 2008

Cool Led Products - Now Moonshine in your hand

Enjoy Moonshine & Sunshine with LED -

You may find the idea of bottling sunshine in a jar preposterous. But heck, no! It's possible with this nifty invention called the Moon Jar by Tobias Wong . All it is is a mason jar, one with frosted glass that disguises a solar panel and LED light source inside. Just set it on your windowsill and it soaks up the rays from the sun, providing a calming blue-toned light for the evening. Its functional versatility works great on the patio, in the garden or even on your windowsill as a night light. Hmmm ... you could even take it camping!

There's also a golden glowing Sun Jar which is identical to the Moon Jar except it uses a warm colored LED light to give a more natural and warm light.

All this glowing goodness is eco friendly, too. Yeah, no electricity needed!