Friday, May 20, 2011

Led-World Exclusive - All-LED-lights Mercedes-Benz CL on 2011 Shanghai Auto Show

"Innovation for Tomorrow" is the slogan of the fourteenth session of the Shanghai auto show. Based on this concept, the auto show brings many new technologies to the first facing the public. Mercedes-Benz CLS enjoys its debut on the auto show. Its 71 LED lights design makes it the focus. 2011 Shanghai Auto Show

LED has been used in automotive lighting for some time, but now there are only two kinds of vehicles applying the all-LED headlights: Mercedes-Benz CLS and Audi A8. According to manufacturers, those Audi A8 sales domestically use Xenon headlights and all LED lights are only options. Then here are the questions: What about all LED headlights? Will them become the future mainstream?

Currently, a single LED light source intensity is still less than xenon lamps. Among the majority of the car lights, LED lamp only plays a supporting role for Xenon Headlights. To reach the same brightness, even high-brightness LED requires an additional group LED lights comparing with the xenon lamps. And this group of high-brightness LED costs much and release much more heat than xenon lights.

However, the manufacturers tell us that, through some special power conversion device, LED light can issue different color temperature. The car headlights of Mercedes-Benz CLS can transform the color temperature under certain conditions and can be used as fog lights. Audi A8's daytime running lights can be converted into turn signals.

At present, LED lights have been widely used as auxiliary lights for vehicles. In turn lights, fog lights, and many other places LED Lights have replaced other sources. However, the high cost of LED brightness and thermal are the problems that R & D personnel facing. LED lighting as the main front Car Headlights is still immature. If this bottleneck breaks, LED will be the future of the automotive field.

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